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The New No started in 2013 Ben and Rodney started writing songs about different types of villains in songs that comment about what it is like to be up close and personal with this crowd. Rodney was working as a stand up comedian and managing a band in Hackney and some moments were epic and others were pretty scary. These made their way onto paper. By working on songs from 2013 onwards, Ben and Rodney built a series of cracking tunes with hugely entertaining stories. However it wasn’t until their fascination for London villains spawned the creation of a fictitious family called The Hampton Family that The New No really came into existence. The Hampton family are a strange bunch of characters who are quite shady. Some of the characters are quite frightening, some are nice on the outside but really dangerous and one is a woman who is really seedy. All the stories involving these characters are the substance of a series of songs.

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