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Lovely World


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Just like a satellite hurtling towards earth, Lovely World takes the pulse of our culture and mirrors it back to society.  Unrequited love, drug addiction, social afflictions and fearful political etiquette are some of the themes this rock hard four-piece puts into orbit. Just as you try and label them strictly a hard rock band, a new wave of beautiful harmonies and romantic notions will lay you down with crying guitar leads, solid bottom end and passionate vocals.


Hailing from Spartanburg, South Carolina, brothers Landon Rojas (lead vocals and guitar) and Cade Rojas (drums), along with childhood friend Cameron Smith (guitar), formed Lovely World in 2015.  These three founding members have been close friends since elementary school, jamming new school rock with influences of the best of the 70’s.  Recently joined by bassist Michael Gilbert, the lineup is now complete. Recording a new album in 2019, and touring in 2020, this band is one-step closer to world domination…and oh what a lovely world that will be. 



Music Videos Created by Ridge Beck 

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