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Real. Raw. Intentional. A musical blend.


Wakelin is an up-and-coming rocker based in Los Angeles inspired by love, nature, and spiritual awakening. Drawing from pop, soul, hip-hop, and folk, Wakelin artfully blends modern and classic flavors to leave you internally floored.

He is driven to create by the good those creations can do for the people who experience them. Wakelin aims to spread messages of meaning based on what he has found to be true through his experiences.

“I want to bring meaning and substance to mainstream music. I want to show vulnerability, selflessness, and most of all unconditional love, and my hope is that through my actions and creations, others will be inspired to do the same. After all, these are the qualities that are most natural to our truest selves, no wonder we call it “our humanity”. Once we decide to we will indefinitely learn, grow, and live fuller lives, ones of quality… The sound is an alarm ringing. Wake up!”