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Rodney Prosser
A&R Consultant

Rodney Prosser from Solihull UK started getting interested in music at a very early age, at the age of 8 listening to “I feel love” on the radio and realized that music was his thing.  By the age of 14 he had started a fanzine about music.  Regularly going out to gigs in Birmingham and London he got to meet a lot of artists and started promoting some of them. At the age of 16 he was promoting Harry Kakoulli (Squeeze) and co-writing PIGMENT fanzine.

When he was living in London in the late 80s and early 90s he got a job working as a junior manager in the Premises rehearsal studio in Shoreditch London. Here he got to meet quite a lot of bands and it was at this time that he was trying his hand at being a manager of some bands including: Seize The Time, Out To Lunch, and the now world famous, Suede. With a sense of connection Rodney used this to join people up.

Over the years he has held down a series of jobs including that of being an English teacher and on the sideline recording, writing and playing music.  Also running a radio podcast PUNK PARTY RADIO SHOW starting May 2020. Rodney built it up and now it reaches more people by means of three FM radios and two web radios. With an influx of bands from around the world  bringing Rodney into contact with a lot of bands. rodney brought dark spark's newest brutal pop babe into the fold with sun, and he is so excited to work with the dark spark team.

“music is like a water pipe and if there is a problem you need to do something”

“when you run don’t just fix the horizon, keep looking at the ground too”

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