Cayley Credit

Image Curation Manager

Cayley is an emerging marketing consultant who specializes in social media, data
analytics, and design. She earned her degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She was born and raised in Colorado and currently resides just north of Denver.

After completing her education, Cayley was able to launch into an exciting career in
marketing and social media management. She always dreamt of a way to combine
creativity and art into business, and digital marketing was the answer. She brings a fresh, young, and progressive perspective to building strong brands and cultivating data-driven strategy. Cayley approaches brands like budding flowers who often just need sunshine, water, and love to flourish. She believes that perception is everything, and telling a compelling story is often the missing ingredient in the “secret sauce” of brand-building.

Cayley has a passion for art in all forms. Whether it’s music, painting, design,
photography, or mediums unexplored, she lives to create and has joined the Dark Spark team to catapult the label and artists to the next stage in their journey.