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Chris M. Jiannino
Senior A&R Executive


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Before joining Dark Spark Records, Chris found early success managing and developing Los Angeles indie group, The Shakes. Within the first week in the role, he successfully implemented a high-level release strategy for their debut EP: With Every Moment. The record garnered immediate press interest. Holding a respectable 6-week streak on the NACC charts. Showing a respectable early increase in streaming numbers and follower ratios.  Capitalizing on the success of the release, he aggressively navigated The Shakes to the forefront of the Los Angeles indie music scene while building a compelling narrative for the young and uncanny group. As they would quickly go on to become one of the most contemporary sell out headliners on Los Angeles' top venues/stages in 2019.


The quick success of The Shakes during Chris’ tenure as the band’s manager can be summarized with the distinction of being labeled one of “LA's most exciting groups to watch in 2020” by the local press and radio (BuzzbandsLA, KROQ). He would go on to develop and manage successful debuts for a multitude of artists in the Los Angeles scene, including the young Oklahoma pop songwriter, Adam Ragsdale.


For Dark Spark, Chris brings his reliable reputation for discovering talented, high-potential artists nationally, and brings his uncanny ability to shape a unique approach for each individual artist; fostering groundbreaking outcomes.  Chris holds a dependable position within the booking and tastemaker community of Los Angeles, built on his desire to be as expandable as possible to all parts of the industry and its creatives. With a background in film, tech, and music, we expect groundbreaking innovation from Chris M. Jiannino and the creatives he inspires around him. 

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