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ECHLO (aka Chloe Charles) initially launched her music career in 2010,
releasing a series of jazz- and folk-infused albums and EPs. She toured
extensively, performing upwards of 1000 shows across ten countries, and
garnered acclaim from high-profile publications including Rolling Stone and
Billboard Magazine. While the path of least resistance would have meant she
continued happily travelling that road, she felt a deeper yearning to shake

things up.

“When I first started playing music, it was the guitar I experimented with, and
that led me down a wonderful path that brought me all over the world,” she
says. “I arrived at a point around 2018 where I felt a bit restless and that I
wasn't growing artistically. That led to me starting to write with keys and
synths, which opened up a seemingly endless realm of musical possibilities.”
It was amid this musical evolution that Chloe assumed the ECHLO moniker and
released the single “Head High”, which reached #1 on the CBC Music Top 20


“ECHLO, in general, evolved from Chloe, who was a bit more introspective.
ECHLO is a bit further reaching, a bit more outspoken, generally less
reserved and unapologetic about certain concepts and feelings,” she says.
Inspired by the likes of Sade & Massive Attack, Chloe’s combination of
electronic sounds and live percussion create a minimalist sea for her

soulful vocals to float upon.

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